Hi, I'm Rita! Thank you so much for visiting my blog :)! Here is my bio:

I was in the midst of a quarter-life crisis (yes, there is such a thing). According to Wikipedia, a quarter-life crisis is "a period of life following the major changes of adolescence, usually ranging from the late teens to the early thirties, in which a person begins to feel doubtful about their own lives, brought on by the stress of becoming an adult." I'm sure you were really interested in reading Wiki's definition of a quarter life crisis, but bear with me and it will all make sense. So, I had just graduated from college and was in this awkward transition phase. I had no idea who I was. What I wanted to be. What my purpose was. Where I was headed in life. And so on. I kept comparing myself to everyone else. And what they were doing. And what I "should" be doing. I was already working in real estate, but needed a creative outlet. So, as I was doing some soul searching, diary reading, and pinterest stalking....it came to me. Why. Don't. I. Start. A. Blog?! So I did. And here I am. Just enjoying the journey, meeting new friends, riding out this quarter-life crisis, and embracing my quirky character and "isms"

Fun Facts About Me 


Grammar Hippy (I Have To Add A Comma Where? Semi-Colon Who?)

Music Enthusiast

Lover Of The Coast

Independent Single Lady

Amateur Rapper

Self-Proclaimed Shower And Car Singer

Hopeless Romantic

Fun Facts, Quirky Traits, And Rita-Isms Continued...

Breakfast Is Her Favorite Meal

Grew Up On A Healthy Diet Of Nutella and Oscar Mayer Bologna (Thanks To Her Grandma)

Identifies Most With Sophia From "The Golden Girls"

Dreams Of Owning An Old 1920s Tudor Style Home Or A Cape Cod Bungalow

Has Two Amazing Sisters

Her Love For Fashion Started With Friends & Limited Too (Do You Remember These Stores?)

Saved Up Her Birthday Money In The Second Grade To Buy A Pair Of Doc Martens

Loves Chick Flicks (Sleepless In Seattle, While You Were Sleeping, The Proposal, My Father The Hero, Mrs. Doubtfire, Curly Sue, Pretty Woman, You've Got Mail, And So. Many. More.)

Misses The Friday Night Line Up & Saturday Morning Cartoons

When People Meet Her....They Don't Quite Get The Full Picture

Her Height...Not Sure Ask Her On A Good Day

Any Other Questions...Feel Free To Ask:)

Favorite Quotes... 

"Strength Doesn't Come From What You Can Do. It Comes From Overcoming The Things You Once Thought You Couldn't."

"Believe In Yourself And All That You Are. Know That There Is Something Inside You That Is Greater Than Any Obstacle."

"We're All A Little Weird And Life's A Little Weird, And When We Find Someone Whose Weirdness Is Compatible To Ours, We Join Up With Them And Fall Into Mutual Weirdness And Call It Love."

"You Can't Use Up Creativity. The More You Use, The More You Have."

"Be A Fruit Loop In A World Full Of Cheerios."

"You Is Kind. You Is Smart. You Is Important."

"What Would You Do If You Weren't Afraid?"

"Be Soft. Do Not Let The World Make You Hard. Do Not Let The Pain Make You Hate. Do Not Let The Bitterness Steal Your Sweetness. Take Pride That Even Though The Rest Of The World May Disagree, You Still Believe It To Be A Beautiful Place."

"A Smooth Sea Never Made A Skillful Sailor."

"I Love Singing In The Car. I Hate When Someone Pulls Up Next To Me. Especially When It's 'My Good Part' Of The Song." ...Story Of My Life

"Keep Calm And Watch Some Lucy."

"I Like My Artsy With A Little Bit Of Fartsy."

"Everyone Comes With Baggage. Find Someone Who Loves You Enough To Help You Unpack."

"Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight."

"I Only Know That People Call Me A Feminist Whenever I Express Sentiments That Differentiate Me From A Doormat."

"Raisin Cookies That Look Like Chocolate Chip Cookies Are The Main Reason I Have Trust Issues."

Piglet: "How Do You Spell Love?"
Pooh: "You Don't Spell It, You Feel It."

"By Being Yourself, You Put Something Wonderful In The World That Was Not There Before."

"Enjoy The Little Things In Life....For One Day You'll Look Back And Realize They Were Big Things."

"When You Look At A Person, Any Person, Remember That Everyone Has A Story. Everyone Has Gone Through Something That Has Changed Them."

"Be Kind."

The End...Almost...

So...If You've Reached This Point...BLESS YOUR HEART. I Would Love To Get To Know You And Hear Your Story! Please Share:).... 


  1. We have SO much in common- I'm super shy too, addicted to Pinterest, chick flicks..can't wait to read more of your blog!!

    1. This is why I love blogging:)! You meet people who share similar interests! Thank you Melinda :)! Looking forward to getting to know!

  2. Hi Rita, You are the most kindest, cutest, sweetest person ever. You also remind me of my younger self. I can see you are living your dream. Don,t eva change.
    You draw people with your magnetic charm.

    1. I saw your comment in my email and saved it. Thank you so much for brightening my day. I really appreciate your kind words:)! I will definitely refer to this when I'm having a not so great day;).

  3. Hi! quarter life crisis! I'm still having that...10 years later. eek! But a blog is a great idea, love your style!

    1. I will probably be in the same position 10 years from now too;)! Thank you so much for visiting my blog:)!

  4. I had that SAME quarter life crisis... actually, I think I'm still having it. haha I shoulda married someone rich. lol Just kidding... but seriously. We have a whole lot in common missy :) i am your newest follower!

    1. lmaoooooooo!!!!!!! BUT SERIOUSLY!!!! I hope this quarter life crisis ends soon. Well, hopefully before I enter my mid life crisis ;)))! Thanks for following girl:)!

  5. Rita, I am so impressed by the variety your beautiful blog offers. I spent hours looking at your outfits and listening to your wonderful voiceon youtube. You know when there is a great singer when he/she touches your heart and you did that :-)

    You have a new follower from Germany on GFC and Blogloving to make sure to keep posted with your latest looks :-)


    1. Hi Ani! Sending you big hugs from California:)! Thank you so much for visiting and following my blog! Your comment touched me and brought a big huge smile to my face:))! Thanks again for your kind words:))!

  6. What a wonderful 'about me'
    You sound like such a fabulously fun lady and I look forward to following your blog regularly to keep up with what you get up to! I am glad you had a crisis. If not you would never have started this lovely blog...

    1. Pascale...I'm glad I had a crisis too:)! I would've never met such inspiring fellow bloggers:)! Thank you so much for your kind words my friend:))!

  7. Hi!! following you from now!!! I think you and I have many things in common! love your blog and your style!!! =)

  8. You have a blog twin... Take a look! http://thoserootsandwings.blogspot.com/

  9. Rita!
    Holy cow, you're like..my blog soul mate or something. This is crazy!
    Can I list the ways?
    Grammar hippy..I do what I want.
    Breakfast for dinner? Any day.
    I <3 Oscar Mayer Bologna
    I'm sooo shy when I first meet people..it gets me in awkward situations daily.
    "Loves A Belly-Aching-I-Can't-Breath-I'm-Clapping-Like-A-Seal-Because-No-Sound-Is-Coming-Out-Of-My-Mouth Laugh" = Me in a nutshell
    I also like to refer to myself in third person.
    1920s in general, sign me up.
    Sweet tooth...you have no idea. I just ate a handful of chocolate chips (it's 1AM)
    Shoes can make or break an outfit.
    I take random road trips with my beagle girl, Muggles.
    My love of fashion also started with Limited Too (even though my mum wouldn't ever buy me any of it)
    Oh, and I could re-watch chick flicks..all day long.

    Yeah, that was a really in depth comment..but I'm so excited! :)

    1. Haha! Girl...I really think we are soul mates or long lost cousins or maybe even sisters in our past lives lolll!!! So crazy! I can't believe we have so much in common:))!! I'm so glad we found each other! Thanks for reading through my never ending bio and leaving just about the best comment ever:))!

  10. This is the best "About" page ever! Just saying...

    1. Aww thank you so much Alexandra:)! I know it's way too long, and most people probably wouldn't take the time to read it...but I really appreciate you reading and leaving a comment:)!

  11. Just discovered your blog and I'm so happy I did =)


    1. Hi Meranda! Thank you so much for stopping by:))!

  12. Hi Rita,
    I love your style! You’re sassy & got some awesome fashion ideas. I’m enjoying searching around at www.wefashionista.com, it is a new website where I could find what suit me the best. Hope you would join and recommend items there. :)

    1. Hi Caroline! Thank you so much for the kind words:)! I will definitely stop by that website :)!

  13. I am definitely hitting my Quarter Life Crisis as well lol! Thank you for sharing and being so Honest/relatable! :)

    Warmest Regards

    1. Hi Lisa! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and reading my bio. It's nice to know I'm not alone and we can experience this quarter life crisis together;)! I know we'll get through it!

    I'm so going through a quarter-life-crisis too : )
    I think we all are.

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

    1. Thank you so much Cindi! Yes....it's comforting knowing that so many of us are in this together and I'm sure we'll get through it together too:)!

  15. Found you through pinterest and fell hard for you. I too miss the Friday night line up and Saturday morning cartoons! The crisis is real my friend!

  16. Lynda you made my day!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my super long bio lol and leave a comment! You are SOOO right. This crisis IS real girl! I feel bad for kids these days....they seriously missed out on 2 of the best decades haha (80s & 90s)! I always looked forward to TGIF and looney tunes, winnie the pooh, pepper ann....all those awesome cartoons on saturday morning! :)

  17. Hey Rita ! I am new to Pinterest but sure am addicted ! Found you through it :) Read your blog and loved it ! Loved your fashion sense :) I am not in the quarter life crisis yet :p but still am eager to follow your blog!
    Love from India! Xo :D

    1. Pranjali! I don't know if I responded to this comment or not, but I just wanted to say thank you! I really appreciate your kind words! Have a great weekend my friend! :)

  18. I absolutely love your blog!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much Bere! That means a lot to me:)!

  19. I'm also experiencing a quarter-life crisis. Any advice lol? I'm at a roadblock in my life where I don't know what I want my next move to be. I'd like to take a mental vacation from reality and travel abroad....a girl can dream, can't she? :)


  20. I have been reading your blog and I've been loving it. I definitely know what you are talking about when you say quarter life crisis , haha :)


    1. Hi darlin! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and following along! It means the world to me! We are all in this quarter life crisis together ;)!

  21. Hey, just found your blog and I love your style! Limited too was my shit and I'm a sucker for chick flicks!! You seem really cool! :)


    1. Hi Kara! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comments! I would get lost in Limited Too....for hours upon hours lol. Those were the days, right? Any favorite chick flicks?